Connman tethering


I really like the tethering in OSMC.
But there is a problem…

With standard options I can connect to the tethered WiFi. The connection with the local network ist fine, but there’s no connection to the internet!
With dnsproxy=yes the internet connection is ok. But here, connman creates something like a subnetwork. A Wi-Fi device gets a address like
Normally, from router dns, it’s like
That makes some problems with some lan services.

Is there a way to prevent connman creates a subnet?

Best regards

ConnMan has to run a DHCP service for its clients to tether properly, otherwise it would simply be a repeater

This means there’s no way?
A simple repeater or bridge mode should be enough for me.

Check connman documentation.

Not that I am aware of. You are better using hostapd or a real wireless repeater.

Yes I used hostapd before I switched to OSMC. It seems I have to turn tethering off.
Many thanks for the help.