Constant crashes when in Addon menus

OSMC/Raspberry pi 3 constantly crashes completely (screen becomes black, reboots in the space of 1.5 minutes, not even a sad face) when I browse addon menus regardless of addon (video or program)

I can replicate it by randomly browsing addon menus. Does not replicate in other menus such as HDD files etc…

Seagate 4TB usb attached, SD EVO 64 gig boot device

Appeared with last update

Problem persisted with fresh re-install of OSMC with the same SD card

How do you power the pi? How is the Seagate hdd powered?

USB HDD had dedicated power, but you just reminded me that I changed the power of the Raspberry for some old micro-usb Motorola phone charger of the last decade usb charger. I switched it back to my original multifunction adapter and the thing seems to work for now. So far so good. Who knew, I guess since I assumed all USB chargers are standard 5v they had standard amperage as well. I’ll go to bed a little smarter tonight. Thanks a million

No prob. Make sure to always feed your Pi3 5v and 2.5A as recommended :wink: