Constant crashes

One of my atvs with osmc is crashing a lot. Anyone care to take a gander at my logs? These are menu crashes. Just going to videos or opening a smart playlist from the home screen menu will cause a crash a lot of the time. Just anything that opens a new screen seems to some times set it off.

Try using a Skin other than Refocus.

It’s quite a heavy skin (memory usage etc) and although I like it, I had frequent crashes trying to use it on a Pi 2 - which has 4x the memory of the 256MB of an ATV.

Similar to you - it would crash at random when I would click on a menu such as trying to enter the Movies list. On my Mac Mini Refocus did not crash nearly as often but it did still exhibit the same random crashes when clicking on menu items so I eventually abandoned it.

I would report the issue to the skin author - the fact that I have seen the same crashes on two completely different platforms suggests that it is bugs in the skin.

And keep in mind that you should only really use lightweight skins on an ATV as 256MB of memory is really tight. Likewise an original Pi 1 with 256MB of memory also has very little memory free and can only run lightweight skins.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ve been using refocus and mods of refocus since crystalbuntu was new, and never had problems like this before. And it’s only this bad on one of my atvs. Which means crashes pretty much every day. On other ones it can be totally fine for many days or weeks. I also use refocus on both rpi1 and rpi2, with no problems. A lighter skin is probably a good idea nevertheless, but I would have to find one that can customize the home menu with smart playlists… and has global fanart slideshow background :slight_smile: