Content from last profile after change

Hi all,
thanks for this good piece of software. One issue I have is that after a profile switch in kodi, the new profile shows the content (movies, tv series) from the previous profile for some time.

I have two profiles in my kodi install and i am using the default skin. One profile is for my children. When I switch from the adult profile to the children profile, the thumnails of the content shows the adult movies and series for some time. This is very ugly, because I don’t want the children to look at the covers of horror, action and fantasy movies. Is there any trick to prevent this?


Edit: I think it is not related to the Pi, because on another Pi running kodi on Arch Linux ARM the problem does not exist.


This may be latency based.

Does pressing up and down on a movie or TV show quickly resolve this? I sometimes see the same, but I am not in library mode.

Only thing I can think of as a temporary resolution if this is the case is to reload the skin, but this should be done already with a profile load.


thanks for your reply. Moving up and down changes nothing.

I have tested some more, the error is skin related. If I use confluence theme, the right thumbnails are shown directly after login. Maybe the OSMC theme has a shared cache directory for all profiles?