Control OSMC (on raspberry) trough network commands

Hello everybody.
some time ago, xbmc got a http server to remote control playback features trough the net.
kodi seems to use untill now ( but don’t know if it is implemented in osmc.

By the way, the web interface is intresting, but not very usefull.
For the use i have in mind, and the app i was developing (open source tv architecture OTVA), at least I need to get the player status (play/stop/playlist position/time-code) and fire commands from remote management system.

Do you know there is a way to achieve that or is a feature i can request/propose (to work on also) ?

thanks a lot, have a good time,


The HTTP API has been long deprecated in Kodi. The JSON-RPC API is available and is powerful and should let you achieve the tasks you want.


that one?

That’s the one.

thanks, i’ll try it :smiley: