Control Rpi3 via Kore over Wifi without a Wifi router present

Recently I bought a cheap 32’’ HDready TV for the house in the countryside.

I connected Rpi3 via HDMI and also connected a USB MCE remote to RPI3.
But sadly the MCE remote wasn’t working and I hadn’t brought any USB keyboard with me so I couldn’t control OSMC in order to set it up properly.

My questions are;

  1. any idea why USB MCE was not working? what is needed to make it work in OMSC on Rpi3?

  2. How can I use the Wifi or bluetooth capabilities of Rpi3 to connect it via Kore application from my android mobile phone?

  3. As a follow up : I have an android tablet at my disposal. Is there any way using a USB cable to connect RPi3 and tablet to be able to control OSMC?

Thanks you all for your time.