Controling gpio by osmc [RPi2]

I want to control gpio from within osmc. Is that possible?
More precisely i need sth like that:
I push button (for example play) and in case of that, one of my (output) pins changes state, i relase that button and it changes state again, sth like astable relay. Than there would be transistor key connected and it would work just like normal switch.
Or maybe there is some kind of solution that would close and open connection between 2 pins but it need to be connected with that button in osmc.
Thanks :wink:

Yes. If you search at the top of the page (magnifying glass) for “gpio” you’ll find quite a bit of relevant information.

As for the more technical aspects of your requirement, if you can’t find anything on this forum, you might have a better chance on one of the Raspberry Pi forums: Raspberry Pi Forums - Index page