Copy Files From External Drive to Internal HDD?

I have an Apple TV running OSMC on a subnet of my home network, which makes running an Ethernet cable from my computer the only option for file transfer. There’s gotta be a better way.

Is it possible to copy files from, say a USB flash drive, to the internal hard drive? If so, how?

Just use the ‘cp’ command via the command line.


But how do you get to the command line in OSMC?

This is covered in the Wiki

Logging in locally

If you have a keyboard connected, you can log in locally by exiting Kodi:

Navigate to the power icon in Kodi
Select Exit/Quit
Wait for the OSMC splash screen to appear
Press ESC on your keyboard
Login to your device using osmc for the username and password.

That’s a lot more work than I was hoping for. Is there a way to transfer files via the GUI?

Use a GUI tool like WinSCP?

This is all covered in the Wiki

I was really hoping to be able to be able to do this right in OSMC, without needing to connect another computer because my computer and my Apple TV(running OSMC) are on two different subnets and the firewall between them makes it impossible for them to communicate, which is why I started this thread.

There is also the Kodi file manager

Okay, cool. I’ll have to take a look at that once I get the component output problem resolved.