Couple of issues - RPi2 - RC

  1. Get this screen a most of times (not always) as soon as I switch on the Pi.
    Dropbox - Error

  2. I get a blank screen on TV if I switch on the Pi first, and TV later. Eg. My TV is switched off completely, switch on the Pi, then switch on the TV - get a blank screen on TV. Then, I have to just plug out the raspberry power and plug it back in, and it starts working. Is this something related to HDMI output?

The Pi won’t output a hdmi signal unless it sees a connection on startup so if you start the PI before the TV then it will have no output. You can force hdmi output by putting “hdmi_force_hotplug=1” in config.txt

Thanks @Dilligaf, any comments on the first issue?

A Kodi debug log would be needed to know for sure, but most likely an addon you installed is trying to download/update something on startup.

Try disabling any recently installed addons one by one. Otherwise enable debug mode in Settings, reboot, and after you see the error occur, upload your logs with the Log Uploader.

If it is an addon trying to access the internet before your internet connection is up, you could try enabling the wait for network function which delays Kodi startup until after the network connection is working:

sudo systemctl enable connman-wait-for-network.service

This will be a GUI check box in networking settings in a future update.