Cover Art / Fan Art loads extremely slow


after using the Alpha version of OSMC (RPI 2) for the last two years I finally got around to install the newest version. After scraping all my movies a few days ago I’m facing the issue that the cover art / fan art isn’t loading.

With previous versions it took always some time and a few rounds of scrolling through the library after setting up a new system until it properly worked. But with the new version it still doesn’t work correctly. It sometimes takes 5 minutes till the correct cover appears.

Any ideas how I can get this working?


I suggest you install the Texture Cache Maintenance Utitly

It has a function to cache all artwork automatically.

To install ssh into device run

curl -o


chmod +x ./

To cache all artwork run

./ c

Should be much faster then

Thank you for your quick reply. I will test it latest on the weekend and will let you know if it worked.

Thank you very much.