CPU 100% - maybe since may update


Top reports kodi.bin running at 100 % -/+ of cpu.

GUI is responsive enough. Stilling playing 4K HDR with aplomb. Restarting doesn’t help. System>System info reports around 40% - 50% of total cpu resources consumed when idle.

how might i dig down into which child process under the Kodi.bin process might be using more than their fair share of CPU?

(The change I’ve made is enabling TVHE and HSTP Client. I’ve tried stopping TVHE service to no avail - i can see process for HSTP client so i assume its running under Kodi.bin).

Cheers, Geoff.

What skin are you using?

If I use the Embuary skin, designed to work really nice with Emby server, it almost fries the Vero 4K, getting over 100 degrees celsius hot.

thanks, I’m just using confluence.

Have you tried a different skin, like the default OSMC skin to see if it makes a difference?