Crackled noise through RCA connector on Pi3 and PiFi Dac+

I did connect PiFI DAC+ v 2.0 on R Pi3 and through RCA outputs is crackled distorted noise. Headphones output sound is OK.
Please help.


Sounds like a bad connection, poor cable or a problem with shielding. Have you tried a replacement high quality cable?

I tried with two high-quality cable and the same is happening.
I tried to include cable in the headphone output and sound can be heard with distortion.
Setting up volume distortion are the same only quieter or louder

Can you try playing the same files with the PiFi DAC diaconnected? Do you get the same problem or does the problem go away?

How are you powering the DAC? with a separate power supply or from the Pi? What sort of power supply are you using? Is the DAC getting sufficient clean power?

Playing through analog Pi and HDMI is without problems. DAC is powered from Pi. Power adapter is 5 V, 2500 mA. Playing with PiFi digi+ and external DAC works fine.

Might be too simple but maybe your DAC+ is broken


The seller might have some ideas. Sounds like potentially faulty HW.

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Thanks to all.
Problem is solved.
New power supply made problem.
Old tablet power supply solved problem