Crash Issue

Does this issue happen if you use Estuary or the OSMC skin instead of Box?

  • The log shows an uptime of 470 seconds (7 mins 50 secs).
  • The journalctl command was run at 13:18:25.
  • So we can say that the device actually started somewhere around 13:10:35.
  • The gap is caused by the Vero4K+ not having a battery-backed real-time clock, so it needs to wait until the network comes up to get the real time from the Internet. (12:55 comes from the “fake hwclock”.)

The only information in the logs relating to the crash is in the old Kodi log. This shows that Kodi started at 12:55:55 and the last entry is at 12:57:12, a duration of 1min 17secs. Beyond that, I can infer nothing else from the rest of the logs since they only show details since the restart.

You memtion one possibility: “one of the add-ons I’ve installed isn’t playing well with OSMC”. To eliminate this possibility, you need to see if it’s stable on a completely vanilla installation.

The customer chose to return the device for a refund.

I sent them a new device (tested personally) which would solve the problem, or rather work as expected, but they don’t wish to test this so will be returning it as well.

Will update the thread when I get the original hardware back as I suspect it could have been problematic.


Tested the original device. There was one DRAM unit which was faulty, which explains OP’s issues.

@a.r.talbot - I have issued a refund in full to your original payment method.



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