Crash on startup


Thanks for your help.

The Raspberry Pi is 3 model B1.2 (2015)
The connect external hard drive is a wD My Passport 1 Tera
New SD is Kingston 16Gb
Old SD is Samsung Micro SD 4HC 8Gb
TV Sony KDL40EX650 via HDMI
Adapter Stontronics that came with raspberry output 5.1V 2.5A


Is the drive self powered, or drawing power from the Pi. If it’s getting power from the Pi you probably need a powered hub because the drive is using to much power.


I would agree with what bmillham posted above especially if the drive is not using a split cable that is drawing power from two USB ports at the same time. That model Raspberry Pi is not designed to allow for normal full power draw from the USB ports. What’s more is that the overcurrent protection they use on those ports can degrade with use so what used to work without issue may not after a period of time.


Wow okay! It’s definitely not getting power out of thin air so that’s taking juice from the Raspberry. I didn’t know that and simply assumed the USB port was meant for such things as with regular computers.

Alright so I’ll have to see if this drive has an additional power socket, else I’ll find out about sled powered hub.

Do you reckon my Raspberry is now done for?


The Pi should be fine. It could also be that the power supply is getting old and not supplying as much current as it used to.


I see.

  1. My HD has a dual port (power / data) so I hope to find the right equipment for this.

  2. I tested the Raspberry without the external HD and the same symptoms occur. So based on what you’re saying, the power supply could be an issue: so that would mean buying a new one.

  3. Should I do a test by reinstalling OSMC on the SD and not using the HD?


If your hard drive has the dual plug then that should be fine. In that case I would try a new power supply and see where your at once you do that.


If you are still having problems with the drive disconnected then the first thing would be to try a different power supply (don’t use a cell phone charger!) Are you seeing a lightning bolt symbol on the screen?

You could also just do a fresh install of OSMC without the drive connected and see what happens.


No lightning bolt.

  1. I’ll try a reinstall and no hard drive and see how things are first. If that fails then step 2, else step 3

  2. Add a new Raspberry power supply. If that fails I come back bother you. Else step 3.

  3. Install the HD with its own power supply / or hub.


Quick update: I went to an IT mall (at a shop specializes in hard drives), and they told me that there is no way I can split power and data ports with this model. Even using a dock or casing isn’t possible because the board inside the drive is fused to the disk.

However, I’m highly skeptical about this. Do you have any suggestions?


Get a powered USB hub. The hub will supply the power to the drive. And find a better shop if they didn’t know that.


Just use a powered Hub and you are done.


Thanks. So:

Raspberry > Power Hub > Hard Drive
    ^            ^
  Power        Power 
  Supply       Supply               





Just to clear up the confusion on the ‘split plug’ I was referring to. It used to be somewhat common with USB 2.0 drives to use a plug that broke out into two plugs on the computer side so that one plug was power and data and the other just power. The reason for this is it was not uncommon for some computers USB ports to not be able to supply a full half amp, and some drives used a bit more than half of an amp so they were beyond spec if they used a normal plug. By using a split plug it halves the current coming from each plug.

Since you don’t have that then a powered hub is the way to go (and the preferable option).

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I see so in theory I could use a split plug, on USB going to the Raspberry and another to a charger? What kinda charger would that be then?


It would pull power from 2 USB ports on the pi.


That is not something you would want to do. That would have the potential to cause odd problems as you would be pulling power from two different sources. That is an entirely different thing than a normal use where you were pulling from two plugs connected to the same power source. You want a powered USB hub.


Cool! Well noted. Thanks for sharing.



So I tested:

  1. Use new power supply: failed.
  2. Use old power supply + reinstalled SD: works.
  3. Switched to new power supply + reinstalled SD: all good.

So far no symptoms, so today I bought and used:

  1. Powered USB hub. See picture below. Let’s wait a month or so and if all goes well then this case is cleared!

Thank you all for your help!

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