Crash on startup

Just use a powered Hub and you are done.

Thanks. So:

Raspberry > Power Hub > Hard Drive
    ^            ^
  Power        Power 
  Supply       Supply               



Just to clear up the confusion on the ‘split plug’ I was referring to. It used to be somewhat common with USB 2.0 drives to use a plug that broke out into two plugs on the computer side so that one plug was power and data and the other just power. The reason for this is it was not uncommon for some computers USB ports to not be able to supply a full half amp, and some drives used a bit more than half of an amp so they were beyond spec if they used a normal plug. By using a split plug it halves the current coming from each plug.

Since you don’t have that then a powered hub is the way to go (and the preferable option).

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I see so in theory I could use a split plug, on USB going to the Raspberry and another to a charger? What kinda charger would that be then?

It would pull power from 2 USB ports on the pi.

That is not something you would want to do. That would have the potential to cause odd problems as you would be pulling power from two different sources. That is an entirely different thing than a normal use where you were pulling from two plugs connected to the same power source. You want a powered USB hub.

Cool! Well noted. Thanks for sharing.


So I tested:

  1. Use new power supply: failed.
  2. Use old power supply + reinstalled SD: works.
  3. Switched to new power supply + reinstalled SD: all good.

So far no symptoms, so today I bought and used:

  1. Powered USB hub. See picture below. Let’s wait a month or so and if all goes well then this case is cleared!

Thank you all for your help!

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Hi all,

Not sure this is related or not but I’m not able to start any longer. This time however I’m getting some error message which I didn’t use to get before:

Failed to start openDSB secure shell server.

Is that the same issue or a different one?

Looks like a corrupt SD card

I just bought the new SD on October 1st :frowning_face: but right before I installed the powered USB hub.

What power supply are you using?

See the thread, two posts up. I used the powered USB Hub as suggested earlier.

But how are you powering the Pi?

Pi powered with a standard Pi power supply.

So just to be clear about where we are at currently. Your issue was that the system was working but every few months the SD would corrupt and require you to format and start over. You are using both a different SD card and power supply for the Pi than you were before, and in addition to that you are now powering your hard drive from a hub that has its own power supply. Despite all of this it appears the SD card is again corrupt. Is all of this correct?

Yeah that’s right. Except the new SD also ran on a Pi+HD without powered USB hub earlier and got corrupted once.

Assuming your not overclocking you Pi I think that leaves only two possibilities. The first is some kind of defect in the Pi itself. The other is some kind of fault in power delivery such as brownouts, power spikes, or noise coming in on the A/C line. The Pi’s can be a bit sensitive about this. I have one setup in my house that will generally require a hard reboot at least twice a month and I know for a fact that it is because of a power problem (This location has seen three completely different Pi’s, PSU’s, and cables, as well as two different TV’s). I have another that any time the electric igniter triggered on the stove it shares a circuit with activated the Pi would temporarily lose signal even though nothing else plugged into the same place was affected.

If it is either of those things i’m not sure exactly what advice to give you.

Yeah often have to do he’s reboots as well and I’m quite sure the power line isn’t too good quality either.

I don’t know what overclocking means so I’m assuming I’m innocent.