Crash / restart when downloading subtitle

I’ve had the whole system crash and restart thrice or so over a months time, when downloading subtitles. Has never occured before this as far as I can remember. Was a bit worried that it was connected to the exploit that got plugged not long ago. Any chance of that? Will try to get the log next time it happens. It happens when selecting the subtitle to download. Screen goes black with some writing at the top of the screen, and then sad face, and restart.

System has been kept up to date. Rpi2. Using subscene and opensubtitles. Think it’s happend with both sources.

If you are on the latest update of OSMC, your system will be patched against the subtitle vulnerability.

A debug log will be handy to see what the issue is when loading subtitles. Does it always happen, or only sometimes?

Only sometimes. Not happened again since I posted.