Crash since the last month

Hi i wrote a thread some time ago but did not get a respond. So I’m trying once more.
I have a raspberry pi 2 but for some time now… About a month it’s startet to randomly crash. I have ordered a new power supply as I can see from some of the other treads that it often is the problem…
But is it right as I understand that whenever there is a power problem a colored box in the top right corner will show? Because it only does that wile booting… Can someone share some thoughts with me on this!? :relaxed:

Enable debugging and upload logfile after crash, maybe we can see something that is not right.

Well the coloured box will show when the voltage drops. But that doesn’t mean that a crash can happen without it shown. If it is shown during boot it clearly means your power supply is not up for the task.
Like this?

And okay good to know. There is at new power supply on the way. but the thing I don’t get is that is has worked for 4 month up til it startet whit relative few crashes…

Any reason why you underclock your PI?


So that logfile had been created after you reboot from a crash?

I under underclocked it, hoping the power would be enough… I read that with a poor power you shouldn’t overclock so I figured it you would work the other way around too…

I didn’t reboot it just sad faced of and then I uploaded it… Should I reboot it myself too?

No, no need to reboot manually. So you mean it crashed with sad face, but restarted after a while and then you uploaded the log file.

Yes I’m gonna do it once more. Clocked normal and ill upload as soon as I have rebooted after the next crash…

Okay now it’s just frozen twice vile running a movie… I can go into menu and upload the log file while u.3 movie is frozen… It usually just crash. But this is the log file while it is frozen on reboot or anything…
This is from a crash just now…
I don’t know if anyone is still seeing this… I’m gonna reinstall tomorrow with an older version I think.
Thx for the reply so far