Crash when playing music

Hello everyone.
I tried to play some music yesterday with osmc on my RPi2.
I use the Metropolis Skin with Artist Slideshow in fullscreenmode. The music is in mp3 format and located on a NFS share on my NAS.

As soon as I switch to fullscrennmode while music is playing the music will stop within a few seconds and osmc will crash with the attached screens before it goes to a blue screen and nothing happens anymore.

Any idea?

Also sometimes there seems to be a race condition with bringing up the network and starting kodi as sometimes the MySQL database on the NAS (especially when it needs to wake up the drives before serving it) will not be read before kodi stars resulting in an empty media library.

Edit: I seem to be able to upload only one picture. So the second one looks like dmesg or kernel output in garbled white and pink text. It is not really readable.

This time I was able to reproduce it with a different skin butbstill the same. But now I was able to read something when it crashed. Looks like a Kernelpanic.

Debug log?

Uploaded a systemlog with the log uploader. Only have my smartphone right now. Cannot ssh in.

Looks like it is a problem with the Artist Slideshow plugin as when I deactivate it, it seems to work.

Android phone?
Grab Juice SSH >

Copying a syslog on the phone just doesn’t feel right. Also I cannot transfer filea with it.

But yes, definately a problem with the Addon. Works flawlessly without it. Too bad though as I really like it.

We have provided a very simple way to handle log uploading in OSMC…

Ok. Waht file exactly do you need?