Crashes when physically moving the unit


I recently got this very strange issue that my Vero 4K+ crashes all the time either immediately when physically moved or after 20 mins or so irrespective of whether i’m watching a movie or just leave it idle.

Has this ever occured to anyone else? I really only need to move it a little and it immediately crashes.

We’ve seen no reports of such behavior here. My suspicion would be an issue with the connection to power whether it be there plug or the jack.

We haven’t had reports of that.

Make sure everything is connected securely and nothing is loose

It looks like the power cable is faulty, because when i insert it and the unit boots up, i just need to turn or touch the end that is connected into the unit and the device restarts/crashes

You can raise a support ticket to get a new one



Thanks a lot for sending me new power unit. Unfortunately, the problem persists though. Whenever i move the unit restarts.

I would suggest opening a new ticket to explore the problem.