Create virtual FTP users and disable "osmc" FTP user

OSMC on Raspberry Pi 2 Model B

I would like disable “osmc” FTP user and create some other jailed virtual users.

I already tried to follow this, but I am pretty new at this kind of things and Linux in general.

I think you would be better off installing an FTP server manually then instead of using the FTP Server from the App Store. The intention with the App Store is to provide them with a very basic, but functional FTP Server. It is possible to configure vsftpd to allow virtual users, but it’s a little beyond the scope of this forum.

Which one should I use?

That’s up to you. Pretty much all FTP servers support virtual users

Thank you for your kindness.

I think I got how to do it using vsFTPd, but I can’t reach out how to create the users database.
Could you link me anything?

There is an example at vsftpd - Community Help Wiki

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Thank you, I’ll give a try.

New and commited OSMC user not getting anywhere transferring files over LAN. It seems to me that FTP and SSH has been a problem since at least 2015 judging by this forum. Is there any effort to make this as easy as it is on other operating systems?

If you’re transferring to/from a Windows PC, WinSCP works well.

If you’re transferring to/from a Linux box, scp works well enough. For example to copy the Kodi log from OSMC ( to your ~/Downloads directory:

scp osmc@ ~/Downloads

The other way:

scp ~/Downloads/kodi.log osmc@

I’d rank that as being quite easy.

Wow! Thank you for the fast response and even some code.
I will try this soon on Ubuntu 17.10

I wrote a wiki article about this so have a look there too.

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