Creating more SD storage after installation

I am unable to find Expand-Rootfs in Raspi-Config, to gain more storage. My 8gbs sd card has only 680Mbs left, after installing only OMSC !

Did you install OSMC via NOOBS?

Raspi-config is a Raspbian command that does not exist in OSMC.

If you have installed from Noobs but only installed OSMC and no other operating system then you are far better off using the OSMC installer to install - this will automatically use the entire disk space.

Yes, I did load from NOOBS.
Its a pity, because OSMC is much better off than Openelec, but Openelec does have Raspi Config > Expand-Rootfs. But when using the usb mouse inside an addon, on Openelec, the mouse is sluggish.

This will not work if it is installed via NOOBS.

If you install OSMC from, the full size of your SD card will be used.

I did load a standalone version from OSMC website on a fully formatted 8gb sd card. Just OSMC,nothing else, and it boots nicely.

With no addons installed, system information is showing: 614Mbs free memory and 16% CPUusage. Still stuck with very limited storage.

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Free memory refers to RAM, not storage space.

The correct amount of storage can be determined by running df -h via SSH.

As said previously, an OSMC installation from will use the full size of your SD card.

Hi All,
new here, have this issue been solved yet,
I also experience the same as a used the OSMC installer, with a return error to log into the log files,
however, I have a 8 Gig Sandisk class 10 which my Recal box was on it.
used SD formatter, still no joy.
question: is the 8 gig enough? should i go 16G
thanks in advance.

8 is plenty.