Cron-apt email notification

Hi Folks,

My method for keeping my pi3 system patched and up to date is to do non-osmc package updates via ssh and apt dist-upgrade, and do monthly osmc media center package updates via the my osmc GUI update tool.

After getting accustomed to running an openmediavault server as my nfs media storage backend and it’s use of cron-apt email notifications, I would like to configure the same tool for osmc – getting an email notification when there are updates available (any type).

I have poked around a bit, and noting the architectural configuration differences between the pi3/osmc and omv, I haven’t determined how to accomplish this.

If anyone has insight into how to configure cron-apt on osmc to send email notifications, I would very much appreciate your response.


Just a heads-up that this isn’t recommended. Either update everything at once unattended, or nothing at all.

My OSMC will update all packages on the system anyway. If you update just Debian packages, then you could get some interesting dependency issues.

I know what you’re warning against! To be more specific, I keep the system patched without waiting for the monthly osmc build updates (considering that the debian project pushes security updates as needed), and when and osmc build update arrives, update the system via the my osmc update tool. I have not yet encountered any dependency issues …

OK – but we can’t provide any support for this and don’t recommend anyone does it. OSMC automatically makes all security updates available outside of the standard monthly release cycle anyway.

Understood. I did not know the osmc update tool pushed security updates in sync with the Debian announcements. Knowing this is part of osmc system administration design relieves my concern and need for cron-apt notifications.

Thanks for your attention to this inquiry.