"Current playlist" as home screen submenu item with OSMC skin,

Hey Y’all,

I’ve been searching and searching the forums for this & haven’t found this topic yet. Apologies if this has been discussed.

I’ve had great success in customizing the home screen menus in the OSMC skin to add a submenu “play dvd entry” into a DVD/video menu in the home screen for instance. Or adding a submenu for a specific directory in my video library (“exercise videos” for example).

But what i’d really like is a way to quickly get to the current playlist by adding a current playlist submenu entry off the home screen. To get to the current playlist now the quickest way i know how is navigating to Home Screen -> Music - > playlists->hit ok-> in playlist view, left arrow to get options menu->choose current playlist -> then i’m good.

Does anyone know how to make a “show current playlist” item the way you can make a “playlists” submenu using this action: “change action - > ActivateWindow(MusicLibrary,special://musicplaylists/,return)”


Set the action to ActivateWindow(MusicPlaylist) or ActicateWindow(VideoPlaylist) depending on whether you want to current music or video playlist.

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That worked perfectly! Thank you so much!