Custom background OSMC skin?

How can I set custom background in OSMC skin?

We don’t plan to implement this in the OSMC skin


How about changing the background colour?

My wife doesnt like it.

Change the wife instead? :wink:

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This is not what I meant by changing your peripherals every couple of years.

Our skin is not quite finalised. We’re thinking of having a lighter background and breaking it up with a nice pattern. The problem with allowing colour changes is we would then need to allow label colour changes which complicates things.

Could you consider picking a general red, green, orange, etc. along with the current blue? For some people, a strong blue light re-sets their sleep cycle. So they end up using tools like f.lux. Anyway, it doesn’t matter the brightness or exact hue, but being able to pick anything besides blue would be sooper awesome.

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