Customise Home Screen

I am going around in circles. I am trying to add to custom menu items that will point to a folder. I have added the folders to both sources and favourites. I then browse to Settings> Interface >Skin>Configure Skin>Home>Customize Home menu , then add. I don’t see the shortcut option as mentioned in some posts, also don’t see favourites or sources. No matter what I choose I never see the folder contents.

Are you using the osmc skin ?

yes I am

Sources are to be found under the respective media directories in the skin customization dialog: Videos, Music, Pictures and Games. Open the media directory that matches the sources you added your folders to, click on Sources > in that directory and select the source folder you’d like to add by clicking on it and selecting Create menu item to here. Last, but not least, you’ll get a prompt to select which way the folder should be accessed - in Files view, Movies, etc. (depending on whether it’s a video, audio, picture or game source).

Just a quick followup here… Favourites as a source for home menu/side menu entries will be available with the next update as well as a dedicated favourites widget: