Database format

I have to assume the only reason for changing the database format (used in shared database setups) is to ensure that all instances MUST be upgraded to continue functioning properly. Every time I come here it is because some “upgrade” has broken something in what was an otherwise perfectly functioning system. This is why I despise “upgrades.” Unfortunately, I forgot to disable the auto-update “feature” and now I am stuck with a broken shared-database Kodi Pi. Since I cannot upgrade the perfectly fine running Kodi on the Android box I have, I am going to be forced to wipe the Pi out to reinstall the perfectly fine 16. I can understand (from the view point of others) “updating” software on a regular basis, but for the life of me I do not get completely changing a database format rendering it incompatible with previous versions. That’d be like upgrading Microsoft Word rendering it unable to read-write files created with a previous version!

Go complain to Kodi… OSMC has no control over this… I’m really not sure what you expect to achieve by making this post… Sounds like you are just sore that you failed to take the few easy steps we’ve provided to avoid upgrades if you so choose.

When Kodi updates a MySQL database, it does not remove the original database, so all non-upgraded systems will have access to the original database, upgraded system will see the new database.

I will.

BTW… forgive me if I confuse Kodi with OSMC.