Dead pixel like artefact


Very top left corner on Kodi , I have 1 white pixel. This does not appear on other sources so the TV is fine. Any ideas as it’s quite distracting?

We’re aware of this issue and working on a fix. If we’re lucky, we’ve already figured it out, but it still needs some testing internally to be sure. In the meantime, a reboot fixes it (at least for some time).


This should now be fixed in the Debian Bullseye test thread.



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Cheers for speedy response. Will test and let you know

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Hi @sam_nazarko

All seems fine re the pixel after the latest update but after each boot I get a wall of text - see image - although it does boot fine after the delay and seems to function correctly.

It looks like you have an SD card attached that you might want to remove.

:slight_smile: Nice one. That must have been in for years and I had forgotten about it!