December update NextPVR addon and Tuner error

Since updating to the December update of OSMC I’m having issues with the NextPVR addon and LiveTV.

On first starting if i select a channel i will get a ‘Tuner no longer available’ error, if i then select another channel it will play fine. If i stop watching any channel and then start a channel again it will be fine. It seems to be only when first selecting a channel after a reboot.

Logs for October release with no issues

Logs for December update with ‘Tuner no longer available’ error

That sounds possibly add-on specific. Has the version of NextPVR recently been updated?
I’d recommend asking the developer of NextPVR if you can


The addon is the same version in both October and December.

11:40:01.498 T:3620729600 DEBUG: CAddonCallbacksAddon - QueueNotification - NextPVR PVR Client - Error Message : ‘Tuner no longer available’


We can help with playback issues, but this error is quite strange. I can’t think of obvious changes that would cause this. Can you check with the NextPVR guys?


Will do and report back.