Deep cleanup database

My Problem: On Raspberry pi2 with Osmc Kodi 17 april 17 there are 35 TVShow. On Yatse app there are 36 TVShow (1 TVshow without episodies that i had remove from hd)

I send email to Yatse Support with attach log of Kodi and log of Yatse and he responde me:

"So here’s what Yatse asks:
And here’s the answer:
With the list of shows returned by Kodi being:

2017-05-15 20:38:09.152 Verbose/StreamParser: f.d@857: Insert TvShow: O.P.M.

So as you can see Yatse does correctly get Kodi data and display what Kodi sends, so as I said you need to cleanup your Kodi database."

The TVShow O.P.M. (Invented name) is the TVShow isn’t present on HD and on osmc but it presents on Yatse

I tried to use standard “clean library” and nothing…on Osmc i have 35 TvShow and on Yatse 36 TvShow.

How can i do a deep cleanup database of TVShow or How can i manual remove from osmc the infomation of the single TVShow that i have revoved from the hard disk?

here is log:

Thanks a lot

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I arranged the post could you kindly publish it?

This looks like a Kodi issue, not an OSMC issue. I’d suggest posting in the Kodi forums to get help.