Delay start of IPTV Simple Client plugin

I have a list of streams with television channels. Because this list is in json format it need to be converted to m3u format.
I wrote a script that parses json file and creates m3u file. Its reachable from my website - so i can configure KODI to get channels from remote url.
Unfortunately that list changes very often so I decided to run this script at startup of RPi.
I created service that runs this script and configured mediacenter to wait for this service.
The problem is that parsing JSON file on RPi takes some time (about one minute at startup and about 35 second when I run it manually)
It results not all channels are being scanned by IPTV Simple Client plugin (only about 20 out of 80).
But when I disable and enable again TV option in Settings - all channels are being read.

So the question is: is there any way to delay start of this plugin at startup or maybe add another option to MENU that disables and enables TV plugin) ??

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