/dev/lirc0 missing / not found

Hey, I am using a Raspberry Pi 3 and did a reset of my sim card. I wanted to use a remote for my raspberry pi to control my OSMC. Everything worked BEFORE I did the reset of my sim card (it was an old setup, wanted to have everything fresh and uptodate).
However, my raspberry pi / OSMC do not respond to the remote. I tried to this:
sudo systemctl stop lircd_helper@lirc0
mode2 -d /dev/lirc0

Also, when I went to the dev folder, I could not find lirc0…

(See picture)… But it did not work… Any help on what I do wrong?

Did you configure the correct GPIO pin in MyOSMC - Pi Config?

Some full logs would help – as well as the output of lsmod.


you solved the problem! thanks a lot, I forgot to set my GPIO pin to 18…
Many thanks to both of you!!!

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