Device not visible to be connected through airplay

Hello everybody,
I have a quite weird issue running OSMC on a Raspberry Pi 1, model B.

I have enabled airplay support via GUI, but when I use my Android Apps in my tablet to connect to the PI via AirPlay, they just cannot find it. If I enable DLNA support, then the Pi starts to be visible as a DLNA/UPNP receiver, but still nothing with AirPlay. Do you know what can be happening?
I tried to activate the debug logs, but I see nothing wrong.


Did you activate Zeroconf on OSMC, that from my understanding is required for Airplay.
Also if you have Android devices why use an Apple protocol?
Use either DLNA/UPNP or you can use Yatse with the Stream Plugin.

Hi, thanks for your answer. I have 2 reasons why I am intenting to use Airplay. One is that DLNA seems a bit laggy and I would like to test Airplay. The other one is that I would like to have my OSMC compatible with Apple and Android devices.
I have activated Zeroconf.
Thanks again.

Good luck with that, Apple breaks Airplay compatibility with every IOS upgrade. Currently with IOS9 only audio stream will work with KODI using airplay