Diagnosing Rpi problems

Hi, I have two original Rpi model B. I tried to install latest OSMC from scratch in a new SD card. After that, Rpi seems to start without problems but then, when I navigate trough menus (from wired keyboard and android remote too), the GUI become freeze over ten seconds. Then I can navigate again and, then, GUI become freeze again, etc. So, OSMC is impossible to configure.

This problem is the same in the other Rpi I have. My first question is:

Is the latest (august 2016) release of OSMC too heavy to original Rpi model B?

If not, maybe, another possibility is that extreme heat of environmental temperature this summer (40º Celsius) my be have damaged the Rpi. I don’t know how to diagnose that :thinking:

The August release should run fine on the Pi 1.

I would suggest you check your power supply


That was the problem. Disconnecting keyboard and a USB mouse, it works.

Thank you very much.