Dialog pop up when you connect a pendrive

Hi, I wanted to know how to make a dialogue in the form of pop up very simple (“Hello such, the flash drive has been connected”). Not find the script that manages the connection / disconnection of storage devices.

Thank you so much for everything!

You should already get a pop-up alert when you connect a pendrive.

Can you access the drive at all ?

Yes, it appears the connected device pop up, but I want to know is where you control that, because I want a custom pop up when a flash drive is connected, the content appears and is played pendrive


you control that in Kodi source code - this is hard coded, not user customisable.

I know it, looking for a software solution, I am developer. The problem is that I don’t find the trigger script of the connection / disconnection of storage devices…


Kodi listens directly on udev / dbus events via it’s monitor interfaces.

(in Kodi sources)

Perfect! see the code in xbmc but do not see it in OSMC…

There is no code in OSMC (the operating system) to display the popups. As mk01 says it is done entirely within Kodi, hard coded in the source.

Sure! I understood! Thank you!