Disable progess bar between videos on autoloop playlist

Hi there,

I have not been able to find a solution for my problem. Tonight I want to have a raspberry with OSMC run a playlist of video files on repeat for a video installation. The videos are rather short, and the progress bar pops up everytime when the next video starts playing. Is there an easy way to disable this pop up of the progress bar, or limit it to 0.000001 seconds maybe?



OSMC (Kodi) is really the wrong tool to use for such video installations. See this link for further

Thanks for the link. I saw this thread. I installed OSMC for this, because I have a remote and know how to set it up to do most of what I want. I have a playlist that does the “repeat all” with local files on the sd card. I do not have network or internet at the location, so an easy setup was what I was aiming for. I think getting into the setup of a raspbian solution mightbe out of my scope timewise for today.