Disconection internet


sorry for my bad english :slight_smile:

so, my vero 4k have disconnect by moment.

its connect on wifi 5ghz, when i am connected to putty, sometimes its disconnect (server unexpectedly cloed netword connection) , and the web transmission client is not accessible, but the ping is OK.
and i cant connect immediate on ssh after this Disconnection

I try on 2.4Ghz and for the moment i dont have Disconnection
with my raspberry, i dont have this problem

if you have need log or setting of my vero …

Thx all

Try connecting to the 2.4ghz network to rule out a stability issue with your network

have again Disconnection … :frowning:

when i want to connect

when i use putty , we see the ping is ok

Did you try 2.4Ghz?
Can you try Ethernet temporarily to see if this helps?