DLNA Server for Sony CMT-MX750i - "cannot connect"

Dear Kodi community,

I’ve recently started using Kodi, since Sony fails to deliver its vTuner service to stereo systems like mine (some issues with license fees I reckon). As it was originally intended to handle said internet radio streams, I had to come up with a different solution, using my brand new Raspberry Pi 2 in conjunction with OSMC. (I’ve tried Musicbox and the likes, but those don’t offer server capabilities)

Now I’ve activated the DLNA server option in OSMC settings and my CMT finds the “Kodi” DLNA server, but fails to connect, when I try to enter it in the stereos menu. I’m using the router that my ISP provided me (a Pirelli modem).

Are there any known issues with user privileges or access conditions on the OSMC / Raspberry Pi 2, that prevent my Sony stereo system from successfully connecting to the DLNA server?

Also I’ve so far only added one test station to my favorite stations. The station plays fine via HDMI output. Will those favorites be visible via DLNA server?

Any suggestions are highly appreciated!
Thanks for your time guys! :smile:



Kodi only shares media by UPnP/DLNA that has been added to it’s library.

Thanks ActionA!

so that means I’d have to add the stations to the library in a way - or is that even possible?
I’ve found a wiki to that problem: http://kodi.wiki/view/Internet_video_and_audio_streams
Is there a more streamlined way?

If not then I’m pretty much done with the OSMC option.

Yet it doesn’t explain why my Sony stereo can’t connect to the DLNA server in the first place.