DLNA share with OSMC

Hi all,
please don’t blame me but i’m really newbie with Raspberry.
my configuration is this:
Device: Pi 2 B
Ram: 1024
Installation media: SDcard
Connection: Wired
Power Supply Type: 5V 2A
Power specs:
Storage Device (incl. Network Sharing Protocol): USB Drive NTFS
OSMC version: 2015 06-1
XBMC version: ? sorry don’t understand how to
Codecs: all
Audio/Video Output: hdmi
Overclocked: no
Config.txt Extras: ?
LINK to uploaded logs in pastebin (must include COMPLETE Kodi debug log) ?

My issue is this. By DLNA TV i’ve found the sharing of Kodi
When i try to navigate i see: Video Library → File → Trekstore (my usb device) and when i try to go inside i return back to choose between Video Library and Audio library.
If i play in local directly by raspberry plugged on tv i’ll se the file without any problem

Thank’s in advance for any help and sorry for my english and for my noob question :smile:

If you have the pi connected to this TV, then why use the DLNA? Isn’t this the reason for the pi? Kodi has always seemed to struggle with its implementation of DLNA/Upnp IMO and I Would never recommend using this method.

Because pi is connected with my monitor of pc and stay on my “hobbies room”. I would like to send in streaming on my big TV in the dining room…

Why don’t ask more to ours hardware? i made a dlna server with old pc only with minimal installation of xubuntu and rygel… i don’t understand why we can’t do it with raspberry… for me good idea is to have a little dlna server that need only external hd to share and have low consume of energy.

In any case thank’s for your answer, if i’ll find a way i’ll share with community.
Best regards

I’m sure you probably can find a way but my point is that Kodi (from what I know of the feature) does not currently have a dependable implementation of DLNA.