Do I need a new power cord?

I’ve been having a few issues with my device not wanting to wake up after it suspends, especially if I plug in a harddrive while it is in this mode. The remote will not wake up the system and I have to unplug the power cord to reboot it. Any ideas what’s going on here? The device also takes a really long time to load media sometimes so I’m thinking maybe it’s not receiving enough power. I only use a seagate 5tb external drive that receives power from my vero 4k+.


I would suspect that would be the problem, I suggest you power drive via externally powered usb hub:

Thanks Tom.

You shouldn’t power a drive off the Vero alone.

Good to know! Thank you

How does the powered hub run the drive but also connect the drive to the Vero? The drive only has the one Micro B port.

Plug the drive into the hub, hub is plugged into the Vero and has its own wall plug.

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