Does OSMC run stable on Raspberry Pi Model B?

Is OSMC reliable and stable on Raspberry Pi Model B?
I have been running RASPBMC for a while now but now the installation has stopped working and doesn´t even want to start. The Raspberry Pi is starting though.

// Olliver_Rastrom

Yes, and quite frankly it’s more stable than Raspbmc ever was.

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What kind of B do you have, the 256mb or the 512mb model? I ask as early B’s only had 256mb or ram and that probably isn’t really enough nowadays (512mb will be fine though). Until recently I was using a B+ Which has the same specs as a 512mb B and it runs OSMC fine. I have recently upgraded to a Pi 2 model B (quad core and 1gb ram) and that runs smoother and quicker but my original one was fine. In fact my original one is still in use and running OSMC but dedicated to audio-only duties now.

The newer Pis will certainly perform better than the older ones, but all will perform better on the latest version of OSMC when pitched against Raspbmc


I have the 512mb model

You’ll be fine then. That’s the same as I have on one of my Pi’s and no complaints.

The new Pi 2 ist fast enough to play in nearly all conditions MPG2 without using the hardware codec.