Does The Power Of The Source Device Matter?

At the moment I have an external HDD plugged directly into my Vero 4K.

I also have an iMac late 2009.

Rather than ripping a disc on my iMac and then copying it to the HDD and then unplugging it all and moving it back to the Vero 4K. Could I just connect the iMac to the Vero 4K via Ethernet? Or would it not be able to handle a 1080p/4K movie stream to the Vero? I wonder if it would just stutter or as long as the Ethernet connection is fast enough would it just stream as the Vero 4K is doing the hard work?

And would just be a simple case of connecting an Ethernet cable and the Vero 4K would see it? (I don’t have the cable yet so can’t just plug it in to test it)

Thanks in advance for any advice.

You would not be able to just plug an Ethernet cable from the Mac to the Vero, unless it’s a special ‘cross-over’ cable. And with a cross-over cable it still may not work as there would most likely not be a DHCP server available. You would have to manually set all of the network settings.

Don’t you have a home network, wired or WiFi? Just connect the Vero to that.

Once you have the Vero on the network, you can share files using Samba or NFS.

I have a Plex media server on the iMac. Does that make anything better?

I have tried using Plex on my Apple TV cos WiFi but it struggles. The room layout in the house is not not setup to Ethernet from the modem to the lounge.

I’ve very confused now. You ask about connecting the Vero and go on to say that you can’t run a wire?

And the title of this post seems to have nothing to do with the actual question.

First thing that needs to be clarified is what your home network looks like. How is a Mac connected? Can the Vero be connected wired or only WiFi?

So you have a home network because you have wifi but it does not work well in the room where you are watching TV. As bmillham said running a cable is possible but honestly it is far from ideal even if you knew what you were doing. Your best result option would be to run a cable. The next best option would probably be to use a powerline adapter to give you something close to running a cable without actually running a cable. A web search should give you everything you would need to know but the cliff note version is buy one you can return as it is probably going to work well (or well enough) or not at all and there is no way to know without trying as everyone’s house wiring is different. Next down the line would be looking at getting some kind of wireless mesh system. These are basically boxes that you put in several locations in your house and they extend out your wifi past where a single wifi router can reach. Google mesh and Netgear Orbi are currently popular options but there are currently lots to choose from.

Basically i’m saying you would be better to fix your network than cobble together a unique solution.

Pretty much all Intel Macs (and I suspect most modern GigE supported hardware) supports Auto MDI-X and should work when connected between two Ethernet devices without the need of a cross-over cable.

One could technically use the “Internet sharing” feature on the Mac or alternatively manually setting a fixed IP address between the Mac and Vero 4K box to access SMB/NFS share on the Mac - As long as one doesn’t need Internet access on the Vero 4K.

Sorry for the confusion.

My modem is in the hallway and everything in the lounge is connected via WiFi.

In the lounge I have my TV with a Vero 4K connected to it. I also have my iMac late 2009 fairly close by. All of them are connected to WiFi.

There’s no way to connect from the modem directly by Ethernet into the lounge.

So my initial question was, does it matter how powerful the source device is to transmit a movie file to the Vero. I was concerned about constant stuttering if the iMac couldn’t handle it. But off the back of that assuming the iMac is powerful enough, can I connect an Ethernet cable from the iMac to the Vero (as they are next to each other almost) and transmit the movie file that way.

I hope that makes sense.

Ok thank you for the advice darwindesign

Ok jaybird thank you. I’ll also research this.

There isn’t really any computational power needed to transfer the files, so the iMac should work just fine.


Another option that works similar to the internet sharing suggested above is to use a router or access point that is capable of acting as a wireless bridge. The device when setup this way attaches to your existing network over the wireless and joins it with the ethernet ports on the device. Any devices you wanted to communicate with each other at maximum speed would then be plugged into the bridge with a cable and have their wireless turned off. The advantage going to this route is that the Vero would still have internet when the iMac is off and, depending on the device you use, you may get better internet speed this way on devices you plug into it (if the wireless is better on the bridge device).