Does the resolution of the GUI matter?

So i took delivery of my Vero4K yesterday… It’s my first foray into OSMC but once I found out how to install the Samba Client and get to the .kodi folder it was all familiar territory.

One question though… I have a 4k UHD HDR tv… when i change the GUI resolution to 4096 x 2160p the gui is pretty sluggish… I don’t really mind it running in 1080p because to behonest, it looks identical.

What i do want to know is though, if i have the gui in 1080p and then play a 4k movie, is it downscaling it to 1080p or is it actually playing in 4k?

The Tv reports it’s still in 1080p so i’m not really sure what’s going on.

For 4K content, you should keep the GUI at 1080p and enable Adjust Refresh Rate.


Ah, is that setting off by default? (i’m not at home so i can’t check)


Keep the Gui at 1080p and make sure adjust frame rate is set to always or on start. The resolution will automatically switch to what ever is required, when you start the playback of a video.

Thanks Tom.

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Is that settings off by default do you know? I know i havn’t turned it on… (I’m not at home to check right now)


I can’t remember, been awhile since I set my up.

I’m away from mine at the moment, but you should find it under settings and player I think.

Thanks Tom.

OK, thank you

It’s off by default


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