Don't update Kodi but receive normal updates?

I’m using a skin which is only supported on Isengard right now so I cannot have Kodi update. Is there any way I can receive all the other updates but not upgrade to Jarvis when it’s out?

Its not recommend to stay at a certain kodi version however Jarvis is still ways off since its in beta we only include stable versions in OSMC so you got some time to talk to the skin developer to get him/her to update for Jarvis later on.

Also not updating Kodi will result in OSMC breaking.

Hm, that’s a shame. The dream is that the skin gets updated in time but it literally only just came out for Isengard. I was using a modded version of it before - before MQ5 modded, now MQ6 official.

If it comes to it I’ll just have to not update, the skin kind of makes or breaks the experience.

When Jarvis is available, OSMC will warn you that the update has Jarvis, so you won’t get any nasty surprises and you will be able to decline it.


Sounds good, thanks.

Hi ghostthree

Marcos the aeon mq6 skin developer is working on a Jarvis version that hopefully will be public release once Jarvis stable is out. If you have modded any skin files make sure to back them up before upading to new skin version.

Aeon mq6 is best skin no doubt :slight_smile: