Double screen output

Hello guys,

Here is how my raspberry is set at home :
Rpi is plugged into a home cinema amplifier. That amplifier is connected to a videoprojector, and a 5.1 kit for audio.
I use an harmony remote to control Kodi when we watch movies or tvshows.

I’m now looking for a solution to be able to control Kodi for music purposes, but have a few constraints :

  • we don’t use wifi at home
  • it must be WAF and availlable for kids to use too.

I’ve been thinking about a touch screen, but as I’m already using my hdmi out for the amplifier, I don’t know how to do that.

Do you guys have any insights ?

Thanks !

Any android device that allows a USB Ethernet adapter and then Yatse

I’ll look into that !
I could use my former cell phone then.

I’ll just have to tinker a box so the kids don’t pull the phone out of the book case, and all the installation with it… :smiley:
Thanks !

I up this. I’ve bought a USB Ethernet adapter but it doesn’t quite do the trick.
I’ve tested it with a tablet.

  • the internet connection is ok but I’m not sure the connection is stable. When launching a music album on Yatse, only the first tune is played then it stops.
  • the usb ethernet adapter I got doesn’t charge the tablet.

Any idea ?
Thanks !