DTS HD Master Audio

Hi All

Apologies if this is a question that shouldn’t be here…

I have a several blu ray rips where i’ve extracted the m2ts file and stuck in on my as drive. a couple of the recent rips have DTS HD Master Audio. These files (1080p) pretty much won’t play in osmc on my raspberry pi 2, they stutter and freeze every few minutes, whereas other 1080p ‘normal’ DTS files play fine…

is this just a limitation of the device? Am i right in thinking that hooking up to a receiver capable of decoding DTS Master Audio won’t really help either as you can’t pass it through?

Any tips on a work around to get these files to be usable - can u (can I) re-encode the audio?

Thanks for any suggestions…


Can be played as PCM and this will end up in OSMC soon