DTS-HD stutters on Pi B+

I have the latest update that allows for DTS-HD to be converted to PCM on the fly. I see it working as my Denon shows PCM instead of DTS. The problem is that I see a lag every few seconds when playing the reference material that popcornmix has referenced in various threads. The same material plays fine when streaming from my Pi 2 playing from the same network file server over LAN (both are wired). I know that converting on the fly really pushes the limits of the pi hardware. Is the pi 2 powerful enough but the pi B+ is not?

Also, could it make a difference if I set my shares up as NFS instead of windows?

EDIT: To eliminate any variables I’ve tried each pi in the other’s setup (I am using monoprice power and cable in both). Also, I’ve set the pi to Turbo with no discernable improvement.

Yes, DTS-HD is disabled by default on Pi1 as the CPU requirement is too high.

Right, so it isn’t surprising that it lags on a pi B+ but doesnot lag on a pi 2? I had kind of assumed this but thought I would ask. As an aside, great job on this function. My days of converting HD movies to PCM appear to be over.

I know that it is a bit offtopic, but will there ever be a DTS-MA HD and Dolby True-HD passthrough possible?
Or is the (raspberry) hardware not sufficient?

HD audio passthrough is not possible for hardware reasons.