DTS passthrough on rpi 2


I recently upgraded my old rpi b to an rpi b2 and installed osmc on it.
It is connected via hdmi to my TV, as usual i enabled dts passthrough but dts movies stay muted.
It worked perfectly on the rpi, does not on the rpi2.
Any suggestions?

Enable Expert settings and check audio


What exactly do you want me to check?


Make sure you enable expert settings (lower left corner)
Enable passthrough and mark all formats you TV is able to work with. Most TV’s can’t process DTS but AC3 should work.
If you tick DTS and you still have no audio, try unticking it so Kodi will downmix it for your TV.
Hope this helps!

As i wrote, i enabled dts passthrough. Worked great on the rpi1, so my TV can handle it.
Not passing it through works, no problem there, dts passthrough does not though :confused:

Are you sure that your TV supports DTS - does it specifically state so in the owners manual ? Very few TV’s do.

Just because it might have worked with that setting turned on in the past does not necessarily mean that DTS was really being sent. (It might have been silently droppping back to stereo)

What does the output of this command say ?

tvservice -a

That might be so, which would be interresting.
I can watch dts movies via the integrated smarttvvideoplayerwhatever thingie most new tvs have via upnp.
Manual states DTS core supported.

root@orko:~# tvservice -a
PCM supported: Max channels: 2, Max samplerate: 48kHz, Max samplesize 24 bits.

AC3 passthrough works btw.

The default setting for “allow hardware acceleration” in “Video>Acceleration>OMXPlayer” is different for RPi1 & RPi2.
RPi1: on
RPi2: off
I’ve had the same problem but turning hardware acceleration on fixed it.

Hope this helps!

Just for the record, having omxplayer turned off does not turn off hardware acceleration if mmal is enabled (which it is by default) - it just changes it to use dvdplayer instead of omxplayer.

Looks like DTS passtrough isn´t supported on your TV based on the tvservice information.

Whats stated in the manual that DTS can be played (and working from the integrated video player in the TV) isn´t the same as supporting DTS passtrough. The DTS is most likely downmixed to 2-channel when played by the TV.