Dts x support

hi i dont seem to be able to activate dts x
atmos displays on the av reicer when playing a file which has a dts x stream.
files im playing are dtsx and atmos enabled

not sure if i have it all setup correct
my denon av receiver supports dtsx and atmos

i have it setup in osmc audio hdmi
all passthrough everything ticked but no option for dtsx, dts hd and true hd is enabled.
sync playback to displayed disabled.
any suggestions thanks

What’s the model of your receiver?
Do you hear sound when you play audio? What does the receiver show?

Denon AVR-X2500H

yes sound and either shows as atmos or true hd or dts hd

Have you tried different files? If it shows and plays DTS-HD properly, there is nothing Vero is doing wrong as DTS:X is not different than DTS-HD to Vero: it passes the stream to your AVR untouched and only the AVR will know that it’s a DTS-HD track with additional object based audio (which makes it a DTS:X track).

so its all good? yeah just thought i would see dtsx come up on receiver or see dtsx in osmc menu but wasnt sure thanks.

Your AVR, being a Denon, would show DTS:X Master… If it’s working properly. But also do check the DSP modes on your AVR when playing a file that should be DTS:X.

dtsx shows up now i must of missed a setting thanks.

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