DTV on Vero: HowTo?

I am new to Vero and Raspberry, but not to XBMC.
In fact I am looking to have Vero replace a (much bigger) meultmedia PC I build and on which I run XBMC… and to see DTV with it I have a PCI Tuner installed.
So the question is: what do I need to connect the Vero to the roof antenna of my home to be able to watch free DTV channels?
Sorry for the stupid question, but, as I said, I am a beginner on this kind of hardware…
Thank you in advance for your consideration.

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You would need a Linux supported DVB-T? USB TV tuner, and it also needs to be supported in the required software you want to use on Kodi/OSMC.

I’m not much into this though, so someone else might be able to give a clearer answer and an actual TV tuner to get :slight_smile: