Dual Boot OSMC and Raspbian possible / recommended?

Hi, I’ve just got my Raspberry Pi2. Currently my main 2 reasons for having it are to teach my daughter some scratch and to play amazon prime video through. So I was planning to install RaspBMC and Raspbian from NOOBs until I discovered that raspBMC isn’t supported on Pi2. SO a couple of questions…

  1. Can I dual boot OSMC and Raspbian (I could use 2 separate SD cards, but nothing surer than I’ll lose one in the first week!).
  2. If so, what’s the easiest way to do that (can I get NOOBS to point to OSMC - assume not)?
  3. Any reason it’s a bad idea? (I know I could just use a web browser for watching Amazon prime videos, but I’m also just curious about BMC)



Within about a week or so OSMC should hopefully be available on the NOOBS platform and you will be able to dual boot via that.


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perfect, thanks.