Duplicating Content on BDMV Folders

I have something really odd going on and cant get to the bottom of it.

Ive got two mounts created, one pointing to an Adults share of video and another pointing to kids friendly movies.

In the Kids profile ive only mapped their video folder and under the adults profile ive mapped both.

Under both profiles Kodi is duplicating movies which appears to be from picking up multiple titles within the BDMV folder. I.e if I click on one cover it’ll display titles 801/802/803…Title. If I click the other movie it’ll offer titles 805/806/807…title.

Jumping onto the opposite profile, its not duplicating the same movies, but it is still duplicating content.

any idea what might be causing this? for the record if I browse via file view only 1 cover is shown.

Kids Profile:

Adults Profile:
(notice none of the Tinker Bell movies are duplicated)